Time is Money.
Save on both with BankFolio

Manage your personal finances in less than 5 minutes a week


Subscription detection

Catch sneaky charges
Get alerts for upcoming expenses
Track your subscription cancellations in-app

spending analysis

Track your expenses history
Spot large expenses
Smart analyses containing up to one year
of transaction history

Saving goals

Save with guidance
Help meet your goals
Stay worry-free

Expense Tracker

Break down your monthly expenses
Automated smart categories
Stay on top of your expenditure

All your financial
accounts in one place

View your account balances and transactions across all checking, savings, credit card, or loan accounts with a personalized monthly spending analysis.

10,000+ Financial
Institutions Supported

BankFolio uses Plaid API, which supports thousands of financial institutions across the U.S. and Canada - from national banks to local credit unions.

Your privacy matters

None of your data is stored in BankFolio. Everything loads live, leveraging bank-grade security and encryption, upon launching the app or at your request.

Professional financial news

A comprehensive list of trusted financial news sources to help stay on top of the market, economy, and any breaking news in the financial world.

Simplicity is key

We took into consideration multiple use cases and focused on account balances and transactions to limit the cost of BankFolio for our clients and provide a simple, four-page user interface, built using the latest SwiftUI.

Some of the institutions we support

Reach out to us

Feel free to contact us if you would like to verify that your institution is supported

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